Guide to using the New Order Message Board

If you havent been on the New Order Message Board for a while, you may notice a few changes. Here is a guide to what's new.


Registration is now required to post on the New Order Message Board. It is unfortunate that this had to be implemented, but repeated lameness on the part of certain people (you know who you are) required it.


There is now an option for users to include their likes/dislikes and urls of their sites.


The unique new memo system allows users to interact with each other privately. This allows for personal requests and arguements between users to be handled without involving the rest of the community. To send a memo, click on the link next to the user's name on the logged list or click the 'send memo' link on the top left of the screen. To read memos, click on the 'read memo' link next to it.

User Level:

The new board introduces User Levels to the community. The levels consist of level 1 through level 10. There is no challenge a la Cyberarmy and your level cannot be changed manually, but is given to you by a moderator with level 10 access - currently cube. If you wish become a moderator yourself, removing profane and illegal posts, then you should demonstrate a commitment to the board and its goals for some period of time - eventually you shall be asked if you wish to uptake a commitment. Please don't beg for such status.

Logged Users:

You will notice the list of users on the left hand side of the screen. This is a list of all the registered users that have used the site in the last 5 minutes. (Please note that even though a user's name is on the list, he is not necessarily on the message board.)


The board has always had moderators, but now the word Moderator appears next to the username of all level 5 and above users. These users have the power to delete illegal, profane and unneccesary posts. If you feel your post was unfairly deleted, please feel free to memo one of the moderators to ask why your post was removed. We do ask, however, that you confine such questions to the private memo system.

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