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cdlni the cdlni group, now why did i include this??
CERT internet vunrubility research
Cult of the Dead Cow home of the famous BO programmers
CyberArmy home of cyberarmy and zeb
DeluxNetwork free hosting service with cgi, php and xml
E-Eye security scanners and advisories
Elf Qrins Lair a traditional hacking site including interviews with the mentor
Georgi Guninski Research security researcher who like to tear apart m$
HackUk uk underground site with own tools production
Kevin Mitnick home of the world famous hacker
UK HackCrew uk underground site with guides, tools and ISP accounts
SinRed trojans and security guides
Planet Surreal the PS groups home of tools, guides and exploits
Wang Products own tools including CGI scanners and FAQ's
Webfringe top site list and links to newsgroups

cdlni is a group of computer security and programming enthusiasts who have spent their time compiling this database of links and files. even though careful reviewing of any content added we cant be held responsible for any damage that you may incur using the latest trojan you just downloaded, ok?? :) each site is responisble for its own content and material and is copyrighted to respective owners
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